What is AlmaBay

A comprehensive web portal and network for engagement of alumni and students. AlmaBay is the most comprehensive tool ever designed to engage and enhance all your stakeholders. It is the only portal that creates, manages and updates a dynamic website. AlmaBay gives you an intelligent analytical tool for students to pick mentors from alumni database. A circle and trust base social and professional networking platform that gives job offers for students and alumni.

AlmaBay is an idea and a platform where the guiding principles are - Connect Engage & Evolve. We work to maintain the eco-system of alumni of an institute as an asset.

A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies!

A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!


We find and establish alumni connections. Our dedicated back end team makes it possible to have up to date information about the alumni and students of the institute creating chapters across cities for global footprints.


We create meaningful connections between the alumni and students by engaging both in an environment which contributes towards success of institute by taking on the role of mentors, offering jobs to students and each other and even raising funds for the institute.


We provide support and share resources and opportunities in order to facilitate evolution to the next level for all the stake holders involved. While the Institute evolves in the area of admissions, placements, branding, global presence etc. students gain through the guidance, mentors and opportunities from the veteran alumni of the industry.

Our Hand Holding approach

AlmaBay works side by side with institute and alumni body to achieve desired goals in shortest time period. Our team of experts not just advises you but put strategy into action to engage maximum number of alumni. We are the only company that gives you back-end manpower support to increase the alumni registrations for the alumni body. We advise and implement launch of new alumni bodies. We help you plan and execute your first alumni meet. We will create, manage and update your alumni website and social network.

Why Alumni must have it?

AlmaBay helps alumni to leverage their alumni network for professional achievement. AlmaBay has tied up with top MNC’s where we update alumni with best job offers. We provide a unique analytical tool through which alumni can engage each other’s professional services and offer job to each other. It provides a very private and secure platform to interact socially. You can follow and celebrate the traditions and culture of your Alma mater to the fullest. Whenever you feel nostalgic and want to own something tangible to remember the good times, Just click on AlmaBay’s e-store and order a world class memorabilia and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Why Students would love it?

AlmaBay provides a unique platform for students to interact with their seniors from the institute and have them as their mentors. A separate rights based login is generated where they can network amongst themselves and choose a mentor from the list of alumni with distinguished achievement in different fields. A unique analytical tool matches goals and aspirations of students with the achievements and area of expertise of the alumni. Once alumni agrees to be mentor by a simple click it offers a channel of communication between mentor and mentee. Tool captures key learnings and interactions between mentor-mentee thus helping students to draw upon vast experience of their alumni.


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