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Networking is the ‘In’ thing these days. If you don’t have a profile on social networking sites such as FB and Twitter, you virtually don’t exist. While there is a bunch of social sites that allow you to connect with people across the globe, none of them specifically aims at connecting you with your old buddies and help you recall those sweet childhood memories. This is where AlmaBay comes in. It is a one-of-its-kind venture that helps people to network with their own alumni friends, share career opportunities, plan their alumni events, and even collect memorabilia.

AlmaBay is your own online platform where you can create a network for your alumni. Once your network is ready, you can invite other members, interact with them, recall your childhood memories, share your personal and professional experiences, connect with your beloved teachers, and even share job /business opportunities with your buddies! AlmaBay aims at becoming your local networking site where you and your members will be able to interact friendly and as casually as you used to do years back.

We all want to help our schoolmates, juniors, seniors, and even teachers, but wonder how we can do that. At AlmaBay, you will be able to help/ seek help from people whom you know. Be it that shy schoolmate whom you always liked or your mathematics teacher who punished you the most; here you will be able to help each other to take your careers to the next level. Your alumni portal will have a specific page where you and your alumni friends will be able to share career opportunities. Apart from job listings, you will be able to share references, interview details, interview tips, etc. You can even help your confused buddy make a better career choice! After all, it is your network and you have all rights to explore it in all possible ways.

Other than dynamic networking, you can use AlmaBay for planning and organising alumni meets and events. We understand that life has become busier these days but your busy schedule should not prevent you from planning those memorable reunions and crazy get-together parties. The team of AlmaBay will plan and organize alumni events on your behalf. You just have to set yourself free to attend them. We also sell world-class memorabilia that you would like to treasure forever.

Who we are

AlmaBay is an IIM Ahmedabad alumni founded technology and consulting company helping you to harness your most strategic and important resource : YOUR ALUMNI. We bring you the insight into the best strategies and practices followed in some of the top institutes of the world. Our world class social and professional alumni engagement platform (both web and mobile) makes alumni engagement hassle free. Team Almabay adds to the managerial and secretarial bandwidth of the institute by providing consulting and backend virtual office team for day to day management of the alumni office.

AlmaBay makes it very easy for the alumni to contribute towards the success of their Alma-mater. Through AlmaBay they can make contributions as mentors to current students, offering internships and jobs to current students and fellow alumni. Alumni can contribute funds and resources towards infrastructure creation in the campus. We create world class and aesthetically pleasing memorabilia for the alumni, thus serving twin purposes of brand building and revenue generation for the institute.

In a short duration of 18 months more than 300 institutes have adopted Almabay.com as the official platform to bring alumni, students and faculty on one common platform.

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